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Muslim Saleem solo new copyMuslim Saleem (born 1950) is a great Urdu poet, writer and journalist and creator of massive directories of Urdu poets and writers on different blogs. These directories include 1. Urdu poets and writers of India part-I 2. . Urdu poets and writers of India part-II  3.  Urdu poets and writers of World part-I  4.  Urdu poets and writers of World part-II, 5. Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh, 6. Urdu poets and writers of Allahabad, 7. Urdu poets and writers of Shajahanpur, 8. Urdu poets and writers of Jammu-Kashmir and Kashmiri Origin, 9. Urdu poets and writers of Hyderabad, 10. Urdu poets and writers of Augrangabad, 11. Urdu poets and writers of Maharashtra 12. Urdu poets and writers of Tamil Nadu, 13, Urdu poets and writers of Karnataka 14. Urdu poets and writers of Gujarat, 15. Urdu poets and writers of Uttar Pradesh, 16. Urdu poets and writers of Canada, 17. Urdu poets and writers of Burhanpur, 18. Urdu poets and writers of West Bengal 19. Female Urdu poets and writers, 20. Hindu Naatgo Shuara etc. These directories can be seen on :-

1. www.khojkhabarnews.com 2, www.muslimsaleem.wordpress.com 3. www.urdunewsblog.wordpress.com, 4. www.khojkhabarnews.wordpress.com. 5. www.poetswritersofurdu.blogspot.in 6 www.muslimsaleem.blogspot.in  7. www.saleemwahid.blogspot.in

(Life) Muslim Saleem was born in 1950 at Shahabad, Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh in India, brought up in Aligarh, and educated at Aligarh Muslim University. He is the son of the well-known Urdu poet Saleem Wahid Saleem. He has lived in Bhopal, India since 1979.

 (Education): Muslim Saleem studied right from class 1 to BA honours in AMU schools and University. He completed his primary education from AMU Primary School, Qazi Para Aligarh (Now converted into a girls school of AMU). He passed high school exam from AMU City School, Aligarh and B.A. Hons (Political Science) from Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh. Later, Muslim Saleem did M.A. in Arabic from Allahabad University during his stay in Allahabad.

 (Career) Muslim Saleem began his career as a journalist in the Urdu-language newspaper Aftab-e-Jadeed, Bhopal. He is multilingual journalist having worked on top posts with Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi), Central Chronicle (English), National Mail (English), News Express (English) and most recently as the chief copy editor of the Hindustan Times in Bhopal. At present, Muslim Saleem is English news advisor to Directorate of Public Relations, Government of Madhya Pradesh. (as on December 1, 2012).

Special issues of literary magazines on Muslim Saleem

“Shair” Mumbai: Revered Urdu Monthly “Shair” Mumbai, has published a special issue on Muslim Saleem in its July 2017 edition. The 70-page magazine contains 35 pages on life and works of Muslim Saleem

Fikr e Nau, Lahore” “Fikr e Nau, Lahore published a 14-page gosha on Muslim Saleem in its April 2014 edition, which is online also.

Adabi Kiran, Bhopal: Monthly Adabi Kiran, Bhopal dedicated its entire issue to Muslim Saleem containing colour pictures in 2011.

 Documentary films

Tab Productions, Mumbai produced two documentary films on Muslim Saleem. Directed by Mr Azhar Buksh, the documentaries can be seen on YouTube by searching Muslim Saleem.

Mentioned as all-time great poet and journalist

Muslim Saleem has been mentioned as all-time great poet and journalist in (1) Nikhar Urdu directory and dictionary published by Mr Azhar Buksh from Nagpur (1) Book “Urdu Media” published from Hyderabad by Syed Fazil Hussain Parvez.

Inclusion of Ghazal in university syllabus

Muslim Saleem’s ghazal has been selected in the syllabus of Gujrat University, Pakistan. Thesis on Muslim Saleem’s works and life is being written in Lahore University.

TV and radio interviews

  • Muslim Saleem has been interviewed by DD Urdu (see youtube)
  • Iman FM Sheffield, England by RJ Kausar Shah
  • Punj Radio, USA
  • Radio Azad Hind, Bhopal (October 2, 2017)

(Works and awards) Muslim Saleem has been appointed as Patron of Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society. He is the author of Aamad Aamad, a compilation of his poetry published by Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academi. Several of his couplets are well known in the Urdu language. He won the Yaad-e-Basit Tarhi Mushaira, a poetry competition, in 1982. In 1971, Muslim Saleem was awarded by Ismat Chughtai for his Afsana “Nangi Sadak Par” at AMU Aligarh. His ghazals and short stories have been published in Urdu-language publications Shair, Ahang, Asri, Adab, Agai, Naya Daur, Sada-e-Urdu, Nadeem and other periodicals and magazines. His work in service of the Urdu language was recognized in a special 2011 edition of the periodical Abadi Kiran, devoted to his work. Evenings in his honour have been organised in a number of cities. Muslim Saleem is currently compiling a massive database of poets and writers of the Urdu language, both historic and currently active.

 (Translation of Muslim Saleem’s work in English): Great scholar Dr. Shehzad Rizvi based in Washington has translated Muslim Saleem’s ghazal in English even though they have never met. Dr. Rizvi saw Muslim Saleem’s ghazals on websites and was so moved that he decided to translate them.


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(Praise by poets and writers) Great poet and scholar of Urdu and Persian Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi has also written a number of poetic tributes to Muslim Saleem. Dr. Azmi and Muslim Saleem are yet to meet face to face. Beside this, great short-story writer and critic Mehdi Jafar (Allahabad, Bashir Badr (Bhopal), Jafar Askari (Lucknow), Prof. Noorul Husnain (Aurangabad), Kazim Jaffrey (Lahore) and a host of others have written in-depth articles defining Muslim Saleem’s poetry.


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(Muslim Saleem on other websites) Muslim Saleem’s life and works have been mentioned on Wikipedia, www.urduadab4u.blogspot.in, www.urduyouthforum.org and several other website. In fact, www.urduyouthforum.org has given credit to Muslim Saleem for lifting a number of pictures and entries from Muslim Saleem’s websites and blogs.

(Address) : Muslim Saleem, 280 Khanugaon, VIP Road, Bhopal-462001

Mobiles: 0 9009217456   0 9893611323

Email: muslimsaleem@rediffmail.com  saleemmuslim@yahoo.com

Muslim Saleem with Qateel Shafai at Bhopal in 1983.

Muslim Saleem with Qateel Shafai at Bhopal in 1983.

Muslim Saleem with Majrooh Sultanpuri

Muslim Saleem with Majrooh Sultanpuri at Saifia College, Bhopal.

Prof. Ali Ahmad Fatmi throwing light on Muslim Saleem's life and works at Muslim Saleem at Ek Shaam Muslim Saleem ke Naam on December 1, 2010, On stage. BBC ex-announcer Yawar Abbas Rizwi, Muslim Saleem, MA Qadeer, Fazle Hasnain

Prof. Ali Ahmad Fatmi throwing light on Muslim Saleem’s life and works at Muslim Saleem at Ek Shaam Muslim Saleem ke Naam on December 1, 2010, On stage. BBC ex-announcer Yawar Abbas Rizwi, Muslim Saleem, MA Qadeer, Fazle Hasnain

Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazal at Urdu Akademi Nov 24, 2010

Muslim Saleem reciting his ghazal at Urdu Akademi Nov 24, 2010. Sitting from left Shakeel Gwaliori, Rasheed Anwar, Mirza Jafar Beg, Mukhtar Shamim and Mrs. Nusrat Mahdi.

 Best couplets:

Zindagi ki tarah bikhar jaayen…… kyun ham aise jiyen ki mar jaayen

kar di meeras waarison ke sipurd…. zindagi kis ke naam mar jaayen

rooh ke karb ka kuchh mudaawa no tha

doctor neend ki goiyan likh gaya

wo dekhne mein ab bhi tanawar darakht hai

haalanke waqt khod chuka hai jaden tamam

My Facebook url is


Other blogs








Following are the web directories:-

urdu poets and writers of india on khojkhabarnews.com


1. Urdu poets and writers of India


2. Urdu poets and writers of World


3. Urdu poets and writers of Madhya Pradesh


4. Urdu poets and writers of Pakistan


5. Urdu poets and writers of Allahabad


6. Urdu poets and writers of Agra


7. Urdu poets and writers of Shahjahanpur


8. Urdu poets and writers of Uttar Pradesh


9. Urdu poets and writers of Canada


10. Urdu poets and writers of Jammu-Kashmir


11. Urdu poets and writers of Gujarat


12.  Urdu poets and writers of Hyderabad


13. Urdu poets and writers of Karnataka


14. Urdu poets and writers of Maharasthra


Urdu poets and writers of Rajasthan


Urdu poets and writers of Tamil Nadu


17. Urdu poets and writers of Aurangabad


18. Urdu poets and writers of West Bengal


19. Urdu poets and writers of India Part-1I


20. Urdu poets and writers of World Part II


21. Female Urdu Poets and Writers


22. Hindu Naatgo Shuara


23. Urdu poets and wrirters of Pakistan


24. Urdu Poets and writers of Bihar


















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13 Responses to Muslim Saleem


    Mohatram Muslim Saleem Saheb
    Assalam-o-Alaikum Rahmatullah Wa Barakatathu
    Jazak-Allah Khair
    Apki Website dekh raha huN. Mubarakbad ki mustahiq hai.Plagiarises by Shamsur
    Rahman Farooqi nazar se guzra.Haqiqat saamne aai. Dono hazraat ki shaxsiyateN ujagar huiN.Dr. Abu Mohammad Sahar ki durweshana shaxsiyat, unka a’ala zarf, unki
    unchi rawadaari,unki bemisaal darguzri, unka husn-e-sulook qaabile sataaish hai.
    Duniya meN aisi misaaleN kam hi dekhne ko milti hai.Ye ausaaf un logoN meN hote haiN jo Aaxrat ko is be-haqiqat aur na-paaidaar Duniya par tarji dete haiN.Aur Huzoor
    Sallalaho Aleihi Wassalam ke axlaqe-kareema aur Ausaafe husna ko apni seerat meN utarne ki bharpoor koshish karte haiN.Jo har Momin par laazim hai. MaiN Dr.Sahar ki
    durwesana fitrat aur husne amal ko Salam karta huN.
    Apni Website ke zariye aapne jo is haqiqat ko ujagar kiya hai us se ek baat aur zahir hoti hai wo ye ke aapki mo’tabar haqpasandi aur mohatram hassasiyat aapko
    ek azeem aur baland Qaamat SAHAAFI (Journalist) ka maqaam ata karti haiN.
    Chief Editor Janab mohatram Ataullah Faizan sb.aur Editor Janab Mohatram Abdul Ahad farhan sb.ko meri taraf se Salam keh dijiyega.Sab Salam kehte haiN.
    Syed Zia Khairabadi

  2. Dear Muslim Saleem Sahib:
    Will you be kind enough to use the link below on your website for your readers. Thanks.
    Best regards,
    Waris Shere,
    Winnipeg, Canada
    E-Mail: wpshere@mts.net


  3. kishore rathore says:

    respected saleem ji
    i really proud of you for your achievement
    Kishore Rathore
    Hindi pioneer
    Daily News Activist
    Shahabad Hardoi

  4. shuaib zafar says:

    Assalamualaikum aali martabat,
    bahut fakhr mahsoos lar rha hu apke bare me jan kr. mai aj pehli bar apko jaan rha hu. ap hmare hi zila hardoi k shahabad k hain..ye jaan kar fakhr o masarrat me mazeed izafa ho gaya.
    duaaon ki guzarish ke sath
    Shuaib Zafar
    zila reporter
    urdu daily
    add- Islaam ganj, post pihani,
    zila hardoi (u.p.)
    mob- 9454121323

  5. zest70pk says:

    جناب والا
    خاکسار گزشتہ دو برس سے انٹرنیٹ پر اردو خودنوشت آپ بیتیوں کا سب سے بڑا ریکارڈ مرتب کررہا ہے، لنکس ملاحظہ ہوں جو احقر کی جناب ابن صفی پر بنائی غیر تجارتی ویب سائٹ کے ہیں:


    پاک و ہند کے ادبی پرچوں میں شائع ہوئے خاکسار کے ادبی مضامین یہاں دیکھے جاسکے ہیں:

    جناب ابن صفی پر میری کتاب “کہتی ہے تجھ کو خلق خدا غائبانہ کیا”
    شائع ہونے والی ہے۔ 370 صفحات پر مشتمل اس کتاب میں اردو کے نقادوں و دیگر مشاہیر ادب کے صفی صاحب پر 1972 سے 2012 کے درمیانی عرصے میں لکھے گئے اہم ترین مضامین شامل کیے گئے ہیں۔ جبکہ کتاب کے حواشی مکمل تحقیق کے بعد مرتب کے گئے ہیں۔ 16 نادر تصاویر بھی اس میں شامل کی گئی ہیں۔

    خیر اندیش
    راشد اشرف
    کراچی سے

    • Bhai Rashid, Aap kamal ke muhaqqiq hain. Mein Aligarh Urdu Club aur is tarah ke doosre clubs ke tawassut se aap ke granqadr rushhat-e-qalam se mustafeed hota rehta hoon. Barahe karam apne mukhtasar kwaif (English mein) aur tasveer email se irsaal farmayen. Insha Allah directory

      Urdu poets and writers of world

      mein shaya karonga

      Khair andesh

      Muslim Saleem

  6. zest70pk says:

    بہت بہتر جناب
    ابھی ابھی مجاور صاحب سے متعلق کچھ مواد آپ کو ای میل کیا ہے۔ بقیہ چیزیں بھی بھیجتا ہوں۔


  7. Dr Rukhsana Rusdi says:

    Dear saleem sb ,Asa
    I would ike to meet u in connection of my father’s details, kindly give me sometime.
    thanx Dr Rukhsana Rushdi

    • REspected Dr. Rukhsana
      You can meet me at your or my place between 10 am to 12 noon any day. My mobile no. is 9009217456. Kindly fix appointment and get the relevant documents and pictures ready.

      Best wishes

      Muslim Saleem

  8. Dear Ahmad, ASAK
    You are welcome to my websites. You can send your books to me at my following address.
    Muslim Saleem,
    280, Khanugaon,
    Near Masjid Bismillah,
    Bhopal-462001 (India).
    my mobile Nos are;

    Pl send you resume and picture by email also so that I can add them in the Urdu directories. Following are the blogs and websites launched by me.

    Following are the directories which can be seen by typing the following words in goole

    urdu poets and writers of india

    urdu poets and writers of world

    urdu poets and writers of madhya pradesh

    urdu poets and writers of allahabad

    urdu poets and writers of shahjahanpur

    poets and writers of kashmir (+Jammu) and Kashmiri origin

    drama world of india

    Since your father is from Hardoi, I will give extra space to you in my directories.

    Thnks for the mail

    Yours own

    Muslim Saleem


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